The Geocaching Treasure Hunt is an Adventure Biking game played with a GPSr (Global Positioning System Receiver) where you head out on the bikes and try to find the caches hidden by our team along the way.  It’s a fun and exciting sport that requires a desire for exploring, a sense of adventure and a little patience.

With the coordinates, GPS receiver and a mountain bike, you’re ready to go!

The rules of the Geocaching trasure hunt are simple. When you find a cache, log your visit in the logbook found inside in the cache. If you choose to take something from the cache, leave something for the next player to find. That’s it! Well, almost it. There are some other, common sense rules that should be followed. Don’t put food items in caches, animals can find caches too. Don’t re-hide the cache in a different location; re-hide it as you found it. Don’t put dangerous items, like flammables and weapons in a cache, kids play too. Don’t put illegal things in caches, we don’t want any run ins with the law. Okay, that about covers it.

If you have not used a GPSr before then it's a good opportunity to get to grips with one and learn how to navigate between caches.

  • The Geocaching treasure hunt is a brilliant day out in the countryside that feels like a proper exploration adventure..........Why not give it a try.

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