Questions and Answers

What clothing should I wear?

Comfortable clothing i.e. shorts or trousers (not too baggy), leggings, t-shirt, jumper, flat foot trainers, comfy socks, thin gloves and a helmet.
You should also bring a lightweight waterproof just in case the weather turns.

Note: We can provide a helmet free of charge if you do not have your own and additional safety gear e.g. knee pads, gloves etc at a minimal charge.

What equipment will I need?

If you bring your own bike it must be in good working order and of sufficient quality for the terrain encountered.
You will need 1 litre of drink (preferably not fizzy drinks) a sandwich and chocolate bars for energy.  
Any medication that you may need e.g. inhalers or insulin.
A small amount of emergency cash.
A mobile phone, charged with credit.
Note: We will provide you with a drinks bottle to attach to your bike free of charge and can also provide a packed lunch on request at a charge of £5.00 each and energy gels at £1.50 each.

Am I fit enough for the adventure?

Everyone can have a go at mountain biking regardless of your fitness levels.  Here at Adventure Biking we have our unique rating system for our tours to help you pick an adventure to suit.  Simply have a look at our “routes” page and see the rating system on each route.  If you have any further queries or just want a chat to discuss your requirements, simply drop us a line.

Have I got the skills needed?

As the old saying goes “you never forget how to ride a bike” so if you can ride a bike then you have the necessary skills to enjoy an adventure with us.  We also have our unique rating system to help you pick the right tour for your ability level.  Why not have a look at one of our skills sessions to help you progress even further.

What happens if I hurt myself?

All our guides are qualified first aiders and have a current first aid certificate and all the necessary equipment.  Accidents can happen but you will be in safe hands experienced in dealing with such situations.  We always have an emergency escape route if needed to get you to safety and our base contact will always know which route we are riding, and our backup team or the emergency services are only a phone call away.

What’s the weather like?

The UK receives a temperate maritime climate with all four seasons but no extremes of temperature. Whilst those of us living in the UK probably wouldn’t agree, the UK’s climate could be summed up in one simple word: mild. As it is a relatively small landmass, there isn’t a great deal of regional variation.  As a whole, the UK is infamous for its changeable weather, cloudy skies and persistent rainfall. The North Atlantic and the Gulf Stream, which meets the west coast, is to thank for milder temperatures than expected at this latitude, but to blame for the rain and erratic nature of the weather.
Rainfall across the UK is not actually particularly high in volume if compared to subtropical and tropical locations, but it does tend to rain frequently all year round.

How much will my adventure cost?

Please see price list or drop us a line to discuss.

How do I pay for my adventure?

There are 4 ways you can pay for your adventure:

- Over the phone via Credit/Debit Card (2% charge)
- BACS transfer to Adventure Biking Ltd bank account (details on request)
- Cheque payable to “Adventure Biking Ltd”
- Cash 

All payments must be received and cleared at least 7 days prior to your adventure.